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Soil Testing

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Soil Sampling Defined – Discover Your Land’s Elemental Diversity

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Throughout the history of the agricultural studies, there has been an emphasis on applying the same scientific methods that are also used in other industries. There have been many successes, but also many failures along the way. Not all scientific applications apply in agriculture due to the earth’s ever changing landscape; it’s a living system after all.

Soil science and specifically soil sampling are one of those areas of agriculture. Many times it makes you scratch your head and wonder, “what the heck happened?” Just when soil scientists feel they have a good grasp on a given action and expectation, something changes. This is what causes the expected results to differ from what was expected. Read More

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Why Use Zone Sampling to Improve Overall Soil Health?

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When soil sampling is combined with zone sampling techniques, you are presented with delineating areas of difference from each other before the sampling process. Also known as “Smart Sampling,” the individual developing the zones requires a great deal of training in order to understand where soils change. Whether the change is soil type, topography, drainage, past farming practices, the direction of applications, and any other criteria that may be pertinent to the needs of the grower.  Read More