Unbiased Soil Management Services

For Soil and Plant Health. Economically Wise. Environmentally Sound.

Independent from the sale of any products, SoilRight gives unbiased soil management recommendations to help farmers around the greater St. Louis area make smarter decisions that positively impact soil and plant health while enhancing yields, lowering costs and increasing profitability.

We’re a Full-Service, Soil Management Company

We specialize in soil and plant nutrition (mostly in the greater St. Louis area) through mapping, sampling, fertility reporting, individual research, all to help you lay the foundation for healthier soil.

Soil Mapping

Soil mapping is the art of distinguishing the differing soil types in the field into areas of like characteristics.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling and soil testing are two of the most valuable land management tools available in today’s farming operations.

Soil Reporting

Completely independent of products, we’re free to recommend only what makes the most sense for your farm.

GIS Services

Revolutionize your crops by improving the use of your inputs and ultimately make wiser business and environmental decisions.

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soil sampling

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Benefits of Soil Consultants

Benefits of Soil Consultants: Choosing an Independent Consultant

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SoilRight is Driven To Help You Succeed.

“Our mission is to keep your family on the farm by providing economically wise, environmentally sound information, through science and technology. We’re here to help you manage your resources and produce profit, year after year. And it all begins with your soil. That’s because soil is the engine that powers the crop-growing machine. We help you keep that engine fine-tuned to produce the highest possible yield at the lowest cost.”

Randy Darr, President of SoilRight

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